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September 17, 2021, 05:30:34 PM
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Author Topic: HTA 90/22! Oversized Charging Handle Problems on 10/22!  (Read 2925 times)
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« on: February 18, 2015, 05:09:10 PM »

FYI, this is NOT in reference to ANY problems with the HTA 90/22.  This is a Problem I CREATED on my 10/22!


While I waited for my HTA 90/22 Kit to arrive, I made some Mods to my Ruger 10/22, like I usually do on my 10/22 Kits.  I Upgraded the Bolt with a Volquartsen SureStrike Firing Pin & Exact Edge Extractor, Kidd Hammer & Trigger Kit, and Kidd Charging Guide Rod & Spring, with Oversized Charging Handle.

The first Range Trip with the 90/22 started off Bad, due to Bad Ammo (Fed & Rem) in the first couple of BX25 Mags.  The third through sixth BX25 Mags ran GREAT with No Ammo Problems at all.  However, I did have a recurring problem when I got to the sixth BX25 Mag, with the Bolt Sticking Back, and not closing, unless I manually pushed the 10/22's Charging Handle.

I removed the Mag, Cleared the Chamber, placed Both Safeties On, and took a close look at the Charging Handle on the 10/22, "NOT" on the 90/22.  I racked the Charging Handle back a few times, and each time, it Hung Up at the rear, but did not Lock Up.  If I pushed the Charging Handle Forward, it would Free Up and Close the Bolt.  I noticed a wear pattern on the 90/22's Plastic Piece that goes over the Ejection Port.

Here's a pic of the same type Kidd Charging Handle I have on my 90/22:

It's Larger & Round, unlike the Factory Stock Charging Handle that the 10/22's typically come with.  Mine was catching on the bottom of the Plastic Ejection Port Piece on the 90/22.  I opened up the 90/22, removed the Plastic Ejection Port Piece, and used a Dremel to shave off a bit where the Charging Handle was catching.  Once it was clear of any contact with the Charging Handle, I Reassembled the 90/22, and tried the 10/22's Charging Handle several times, then again several more times with the 90/22's Charging Handle.  Worked Perfect with no Rubbing or Catching problems.

Last Thursday's Range Trip was a success!  150 Rounds Loaded..... 150 Rounds Fired with ZERO Problems!

FYI, I had originally added the Oversized Charging Handle, because it was similar to the Larger Tactical Charging Handles I have on my 90/22, and looked like it was part of the Gun.

So..... if you're going to add a Larger Charging Handle to your 10/22-90/22 Kit, you'll need to Modify the Plastic Ejection Port Piece at the bottom, where the bottom of the Knob makes contact, with a Small Dremel Bit.  Takes a few minutes.

Or..... you can leave it Stock with the Curved Charging Handle, and not have to worry about it!   Wink

Best of Luck!



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