Most accurate round ?

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Just watched a YouTube video comparing different rounds and the tavor shot 2.8 inch group at 100 yards  with xm193 55 grain. Federal matchking 69 grain shot 1.03 inches.

What have you found to be the most accurate tightest shooting round?

Also what distance are you sighting in at and what will be the offset at closer and further distances?

Chuck S:
For some reason I'd expect match loaded Match King ammunition to be more accurate/consistent than generic mass productionM193 Ball.  But that's just me.  :)

The Army determined nearly 30 years ago that there was little difference in accuracy out to 500 meters with either M193 and M855 Ball out of the M16A2 with the 1:7 twist rifling.  Zeroed for one the group moves with the other, but the the same dispersion was present.  Dispersion is a factor of propellent tolerances (mixture plus quantity) plus projectile tolerances which are "looser" in mass production ammunition compared to precision loaded match ammunition.

-- Chuck

With my typical shooting needs, I have the Tavor zeroed for 100 yds, using 62 gr.

But for drills and action shooting, I drop down to the 55gr cheap stuff with no issues...

Gear Head:
The 1/7" twist usually likes heavier bullets like 69-77gr. I fired a group of 75gr once but I had a bad rest. It wasn't that much better than the 55gr but I want to repeat the test with a good rest.

Any concerns about steel cased ammo?


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