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Title: DEB-M22 Downward Ejecting Bullpup Marlin 795 Build
Post by: Archphoto on May 17, 2013, 11:48:48 AM
I am creating a new thread from my Custom Aluminum Bullpup Build that is on the 1022 page since I am no longer using the 1022 rifle.

I chose the marlin 795 because it has such a low profile for height and width, and it can be fired without the original trigger so I was able to mount it sideways for the downward ejection without a huge mass off to the side.

This build started out as 1/8" extruded aluminum box beams.  the main body is a 1.5 x 2" OD 2' length, and the inset aluminum is 1.25" U channel.  the OA length of the rifle will be just over 28" once the butt pad is added.The handle is a standard Hogue pistol grip and I mounted it to a 1/2" aluminum U channel that I cut to fit, then filled with JB weld QuikSteel and a nut to thread the handle to.  the trigger is off of an airsoft kit that I modified to accept the trigger bar.  Internal photos to follow later.

The trigger is not perfect but it is reliable- at least for dry fire. Guessing that it is about a 5-7 lb pull weight.  it is the only mechanical piece in the stock, the charging handle is simply below and behind the grip and easy to charge.  4 MOE 6" rails surround the front of the stock and I have a G36 handle with integrated scope and top rail on the way, as well as an angled foregrip to replace the one pictured.  Still not sure about the trigger guard, it is just a cutoff that I bent to fit for now.  We will see how it looks when done. 

Still to do:
Mount the butt pad, clean up some of the cut edges and fill some of the scratches, add front blocking to center the barrel and shoot it! Hopefully this weekend it will get a test run.  Range report, video and more detailed photos to follow. 

Title: Re: DEB-M22 Downward Ejecting Bullpup Marlin 795 Build
Post by: Archphoto on May 25, 2013, 07:36:03 PM
It's a functional bullpup!  I still need to work on the tension for the screws that hold the 795 in place, too tight and the bolt gets pinched in the receiver and won't cycle.  Got the rail installed and the trigger bar worked out.  I have a temporary trigger installed right now until I find the right one for permanent use.  Still deciding on a butt pad style, but I have one I will attach in the mean time. 

I really like the g36 rail with the 3.5x scope built in.  With the red dot on there as the primary aim device, I also have irons built into the rail and the scope so there are 2 non powered options. 

I took it out for a quick test run and found some significant problems with the trigger bar, I think I have them all resolved.  I will take it back out this weekend. Range report and video to follow

Title: Re: DEB-M22 Downward Ejecting Bullpup Marlin 795 Build
Post by: Archphoto on May 31, 2013, 12:56:54 PM
Here it is, my first generation fully functional downward ejecting bullpup stock for the marlin 795. 

It is well balanced and easy to maneuver, very comfortable in the hands left or right shouldered.  I need to work on tuning the ejector to make it more of a straight down path, it does tend to bounce the brass off the wrist area.  Shooting cheap ammo sucks because of the occasional slow burning powder spitting on my arm.  Even after 100 rounds of the remington 525 bulk ammo (pretty bad consistency and dirty) there were no burns that left lasting marks.   I may fabricate a brass catcher or deflector down the road.  Moving the action further back would also be a solution on the gen 2 build.

the 25 round promag's are OK, but do tend to double feed and jamb up.  I am hoping that they just need to be broken in.  The factory 10 rounders feed fine. 

The only things I have left to do are install a trigger guard and a trigger safety.  It has a magazine out safety feature but I'd like to have a switch near the trigger that will interrupt operation.

All in all I am happy with this build but am already thinking on how I can improve on weight and design.  The next one I build will be properly milled instead of hacked with a table saw and dremmel.  I think I will just enjoy this for a while. 

Title: Re: DEB-M22 Downward Ejecting Bullpup Marlin 795 Build
Post by: buckmeister on January 19, 2014, 09:36:40 PM
Can you supply details on how the G36 rail is mounted?


Title: Re: DEB-M22 Downward Ejecting Bullpup Marlin 795 Build
Post by: Archphoto on February 17, 2014, 11:14:17 PM
I used some aluminum U channel and attached it to the stock, then sleeved the rail over it. I am going to be doing a tear down and service soon so ill take some more detailed photos. This thing is so much fun at the range, I've got over 1000 rounds through it and have a very short list of mods from this design ill make to the next version. It gets a lot of looks at the range and even the right handers like shooting it!

I'm considering taking it to a machine shop to have a few of these produced. If anyone is interested in acquiring one let me know.

Title: Re: DEB-M22 Downward Ejecting Bullpup Marlin 795 Build
Post by: Armoreason on September 07, 2018, 01:17:54 PM
Old thread, but WOW ... that's cool AF!