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Title: Comparison?
Post by: atxdiablo on April 16, 2019, 11:46:47 PM
I am wanting to get a bullpup 22lr Currently have a sw mp 15-22, and a Keltec cp33.
I will want a threaded barrel, multiple rails. Prefer down ejecting but not required.
Wondering on capacity, reliability, and feasible to buy one complete. Guess could build just never have. Also how does it feel against your shoulder? Any other thoughts on these?

Name                               Weight    Rounds    Barrel    Total      Ejection   
Eaa tanfoglio Appeal            4.8          10         18"        29.5"       
Walther G22                       5.9           ?           20"        28.4"       
Ruger 10/22                        ?             25     
ZK22                                                                                                      Like the look except the high rail
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Title: Re: Comparison?
Post by: aphex4000 on May 20, 2019, 11:01:30 AM
I am not aware of any 22lr bullpup that ejects downward without some kind of deflector or chute. I own a ZK-22 and have been very satisfied with it. Here is some information on the ZK-22 that I previously gathered.

The weights below do not include optics, optional side rails, magazine or ejection port deflector.
4.8 lbs with 18.5" WPG threaded/fluted bull barrel (www.wpgbc.com)
6.4 lbs with 20" GM SS/fluted bull barrel (gmriflebarrel.com)

I like both of these barrels, but ultimately settled in the lighter one for the ZK-22, and moved the heavier 20" barrel to a traditional stock for bench use. Overall, I find that the stock shoulders very well and is comfortable to shoot. The one thing I dislike very much, is the number of screws that need to be removed to access the internal for a thorough cleaning.

Here are a couple of good reviews:
Tactical Toolbox: https://youtu.be/830E5BbUcG8
22Plinkster: https://youtu.be/aNN8IiMJ714