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Author Topic: JARD J67 - Takedown and reassembly notes  (Read 2475 times)
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« on: February 02, 2016, 12:06:07 PM »

J67 Manual downloadable at the very bottom of this first post.  Has great schematics of the internals.

Once you get proficient, it may not matter whether the barrel is up or down or stock is up or down for takedown or reassembly.  In the beginning it seems to a bit easier to have the barrel down for disassembly and for reassembly start with the barrel down, but once you have the upper and lower somewhat together you flip it so the stock is down for final assembly only so that you can pull a little on the charging handle.

When taking the J67 down it seems best to have the barrel pointed down and on a solid surface, so you are essentially pulling up on the butt stock to disassemble.  I did not notice a difference between the hammer being up or down.  Simply remove the knurled take down knob.  Wings on the rear butt stock pretty much capture the lower while under the mild spring tension.  The spring and guide rod may "stick" in the butt stock.  Doesn't seem like any issue, just a tight lock up or fitting.  It may fall out of the stock as you separate the upper from the lower.

Reassembly though is a bit easier with the butt down (reverse of disassembly) as you HAVE to pull the charging handle down (at least a little) to allow the Magwell to properly seat into the upper.  Once you do that it all fits flush and the spring tension pretty much keeps it all together as you re-install the knob.

***update- I found when reassembling, with the barrel down its simple enough to sort of squeeze both the upper and lower and push the charging handle slightly and the two parts come together.  Thus negating the need to flip on the butt stock to complete assembly***

It's quick but took me a few minutes to figure out how to reassemble successfully.

I really don't thing the hammer makes much difference whether it's cocked or not.  Cocked is maybe slightly more efficient in reassembly but not required.  The bolt can go in either direction, so be cautious of not putting it in backwards.  The simple way to remember is to make sure the extractor goes up against the barrel.

Be sure and check the butt stock for proper placement of the "guide rod" I guess it's called.  There's a hole in the stock for it to fit in, but I reassembled once without it in the hole and it racked and functioned.  May not have fired successfully but laying on the table it looked fine while really needing the rod in proper place.

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/v/O1QDKGlCgGY?hl=en_US&amp;amp;version=3&amp;amp;rel=0" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/v/O1QDKGlCgGY?hl=en_US&amp;amp;version=3&amp;amp;rel=0</a>

Rod properly in stock
JARD J67 9mm Bullpup by David, on Flickr

JARD J67 9mm Bullpup by David, on Flickr

Bolt channels
JARD J67 9mm Bullpup by David, on Flickr

Guiderod fits into this hole
JARD J67 9mm Bullpup by David, on Flickr

Spring and guide rod
JARD J67 9mm Bullpup by David, on Flickr

JARD J67 9mm Bullpup by David, on Flickr

* 3559+-+J67+Manual.pdf (1116.31 KB - downloaded 353 times.)
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