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May 25, 2019, 04:59:45 PM
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Author Topic: bowed/warped rail  (Read 1009 times)
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« on: August 25, 2017, 12:23:45 AM »

on my new gen 4 uts-15, the picatinny rail has a downward bowing that is concerning me.

if i put a long straight-edge across the rail from end to end, there is a concave, downward-sweeping warp that results in about a 2mm gap between the straight edge and the top of the rail.  doesn't sound like much but it is indeed visible even without measuring against the straight edge.  i've tried to adjust the tension of the allen screws in the rail at each point but this did not alleviate the trouble.

can anyone else measure their uts rail like this and see if it is perfectly straight across?  i don't notice any side-to-side warp, but nonetheless i'd imagine it is important for a picatinny rail to be perfectly level from end to end for proper sighting alignment.  or, is this sort of "minor(?)" curvature common and i shouldn't be worried?  i understand that this is a shotty and not a precise sniping weapon, so maybe some slop in rail elevation isn't a big deal, but at this cost you'd think the damn rail would be level.  though i haven't shot the weapon yet, i've done some sighting setup with a combination of laser bore-sight, magpul mbus pair, and red dot, and at 25-30 yards the target acquisition seems to be in alignment (bore-sight mark is sitting on top of the mbus front post, matched with the red dot sight's mark.)

what is especially frustrating is that i've already sent in my upper because when i received the uts, the rail was ALSO milled poorly and was too narrow for any accessories to clamp to it (such as the mbus sights).   i sent the upper in to utas, they replaced the rail (i'm convinced that the rail is a replacement, as it now fits accessories), but the rail still has the same length-wise elevation curvature as before i sent it in.  i sent them pictures indicating that the rail had this warping, don't know how the shop tech could have not checked for this curvature before sending it back to me (guess they just thought the new rail installation was the solution.)  my theory is that the problem lies deeper in the structure of the upper, perhaps the chassis that the rail binds to, as it is just too much of a coincidence for a new rail to have the exact same curve as the original.

while the uts-15 design is certainly clever, i just don't think the manufacturing process on these weapons is very good.  it seems sloppy and irregular, almost like they are making airsoft guns instead of deadly (and expensive) firearms.  beyond the original crap rail that shouldn't have even made it into a shipping box, the printed markings on the right side of my gun are not level with the siding, screw holes are sloppily placed, parts of the outer plastic shroud flare out further on one side, etc..  it just seems like one big ongoing experiment that we are all paying utas to perform, never actually achieving the final product that we customers are paying for.

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