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October 26, 2021, 01:01:16 PM
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 on: Today at 12:58:31 PM 
Started by FrozenIceman - Last post by Chowwow
I've been having the same issue and then some. When I log in, I get the blank screen too, but when I go back a page and refresh, I see I am properly logged in.

I'm also having issues seeing embedded images too; I can only see them if they are being hosted from imgur or other image hosting site. I can't see the image you uploaded; I just get directed to a page with a bunch of code.

 on: Today at 11:43:44 AM 
Started by FrozenIceman - Last post by FrozenIceman
Is anyone having issues logging in?

I am not sure what is going on, but when I log in I get a white screen (see attached), reloading the screen doesn't help.  When I go back to the bullpup forums page it says I am still a guest but FrozenIceman is shown as an active user on the home page.  It still shows me as guest and maybe one out of every 10 attempts will actually log me in and allow me to post.

When I am able to log in and post the same white screen shows up, reloading the page doesn't help and I need to manually enter the bullpup forum url again and it shows that my post went through.

I tried a password reset but it didn't help.  This has been going on for a week. Also if I try to register a new account the hidden image authorization doesn't show up.  I tried these on IE, Edge, and Firefox

So you know what might be going wrong?

 on: Today at 10:06:48 AM 
Started by FrozenIceman - Last post by LazyEngineer
The nightmare days have been over for some time.

Pretty much this.  I was excited beyond compare that DT, a sub MOA gun company, was coming out with a 6.5CM autoloading bullpuo.  It was to be the ultimate do all gun.  1000 yard shots. CQB vehicle and room clearing gun.  Then Inwatched the struggles and just sort of went away for half a decade.  Came back, found this forum, found that they finally didbreqlease it in 6.5, and found new ones for sale on line - for frankly not that unreasonable compared th SCAR etc.  So, why not?

Mine has been ridiculously reliable and the tunable gas system is so much better than AUG overpasses experience.

My only complaint is the accuracy is poor, and not up to DT reputation.  I'll run up some 129's and 123's, and try some more.

 on: Today at 08:01:26 AM 
Started by FrozenIceman - Last post by kfeltenberger
The nightmare days have been over for some time.

 on: Today at 08:00:12 AM 
Started by Mr.Tucker - Last post by kfeltenberger
The funny thing about scripture and prophecy is that they're open to interpretation and often that interpretation is incorrect.  Who are we to claim to know what God is planning short of divine revelation?

If you want to believe that there's nothing you can do, be my guest.  I don't hold that position and see the grass roots resistance to what's going on as a good thing.  People are realizing that these companies and interests need their buy-in to be successful and simply denying them that will harm them far more than just about anything else.

Will things get bad?  Most likely; they already are if you look at the raw data as compared to historical numbers. 

 on: Today at 01:23:38 AM 
Started by wulkure - Last post by Clarke-Sensei
Trigger is interesting, but nowhere near interesting enough to be what looks like it'd be over 400$ for the trigger and safety with no change to the trigger pack.

 on: Today at 01:06:29 AM 
Started by wulkure - Last post by dushan
Interesting trigger


 on: Today at 12:15:57 AM 
Started by rtadams89 - Last post by 7n6
I can't see the pictures for some reason. Why not just drill a third hole for suppressor use? Or doesn't it line up?

 on: Yesterday at 11:42:18 PM 
Started by FrozenIceman - Last post by waveslayer
It's just too bad the MDR has been a nightmare from the launch.

Wish it was accurate like the SRS, yes gas versus Bokt. But more options and pioneers like this are needed to take the MDR to the next level.

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 on: Yesterday at 11:33:00 PM 
Started by wulkure - Last post by 7n6
Looks like a snap on case deflector and for some reason I thought someone else was making something similiar. My thought would be a case deflector molded to fit the stock, snaps on but has a double sided tape on it so it doesn't move.

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