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June 18, 2018, 01:15:40 PM
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 on: Today at 01:12:28 PM 
Started by Blackandwhiteknight - Last post by ney1
Thanks for sharing this with everyone!

 on: Today at 12:41:27 PM 
Started by mityno1 - Last post by Clarke-Sensei
It's good he's taking the time to properly respond to the questions, I just wonder if the videos will show the MDRs tested in their current or a past configuration. If it's a past configuration, then the videos are just gonna be for show without merit.

 on: Today at 12:36:29 PM 
Started by mityno1 - Last post by Potss
Videos in.....TWO MOAR WEEKS!  Lol...why would anyone ever take DT and especially the CEO seriously ever again after all the lies and misinformation of the past?

 on: Today at 12:35:00 PM 
Started by ney1 - Last post by Potss
What exact % of MDRs shipped have come back for warranty service as of today?

 on: Today at 11:31:55 AM 
Started by Mdooz - Last post by Halmbarte
400 rounds in and it's still being finicky. Still running flawlessly on adverse. Been using 55gr and 62gr.

Iíd be contacting Steyr at this point. Something ainít right with that rifle.


 on: Today at 10:22:41 AM 
Started by ney1 - Last post by CabbitOne
Questions & Answers Update
1.   Is there any way to reduce the amount of force required to actuate the Magazine Release?  Currently, I can't use the mag release near the trigger while maintaining a firing grip.  I have to shift one of my hands so that I can use my thumb while using the other fingers to pull the thumb into the magazine release.  The Mag Release on the magazine well is easier to operate, but still difficult.

a.   Yes, there are some things you can do to reduce the amount of force needed to actuate the magazine release.  I have spoken to our lead MDR engineer and he will create an instructional video for us to share.  

Thank god for this!

3.   If the gas plugs get updated, it would be nice to update with the tool adjustment slot from the 6 position version.

a.   Do you mean the screwdriver slot on the front of the gas valve?

Yes, I was referring to the screwdriver slot.

6.   Ejection Chute; It would be nice to have a more generous (larger) ejection chute. I suspect it would reduce the number of failures early in the lifecycle of the system, as well as give more leeway when ejecting damaged(swollen/split/etc) cases.

a.   There are two primary things that cause ejection chute failures.  #1 The gas setting is too low so it is short cycling, you can test the bolt stop lock-back (with the ejection chute removed to ensure your not under-gasing).  #2 The ejection chute clip spring is too soft (for those not wanting to deal with the warranty process, you can be removed and intentionally bent to increase its pressure or you can get a warranty replacement spring).

Iíll have to test this to see if Iím still having failures. Thanks for the info.

7.   FDE v Black; Could you share with us if the FDE rifles are experiencing a greater number of issues? Are there simply more of them in the wild?
From an outsiders perspective, the FDE rifles comprise the lions share of problem rifles.

a.   The anodizing color would not impact the rifles performance.  Issues would more likely arise in a batch and we segment batches by color.
My assumption was it might be related to a batch and/or the polymer coloring process. Again, it was just from an outsiders perspective that (almost) every time there is an issue reported, its on an FDE rifle.

8.   MDR-C; Is the C version/conversion still planned for some point down the road?

a.   Yes, absolutely.  We do not have a predicted date yet so I canít say how long it will be but there will be a sub-gun size variant in the future.  Existing guns will be compatible with it.

Great news, a MDR-C in .300 BLK is originally what drew me to the platform. Just hope the kinks are worked out by then. I donít exactly feel comfortable trusting my life or the lives of my loved ones to this rifle at this point.

9.   Environmental Testing; At one point there were videos that were supposed to be released illustrating the MDR's performance in various adverse conditions.
Are these still intending to be released at some point? Has the rifle changed significantly since these tests were performed?

a.   The MDRís did indeed undergo intensive military testing last September 2017 prior to releasing them to the market; testing included bore obstruction, accuracy, drop testing, salt testing, mud testing, and 10,000+ round endurance testing.  We do have the videos and information and we will be releasing it to the public in the next two weeks.  I apologize that we did not release it sooner.  Last year we were taking a hammering from the market for being late so we chose to save the videos until after we started shipping products so they wouldnít have been met with slander and mockery for being late.

I look forward to seeing the videos!

10.   Handguard rigidity and flexibility;
Early on there were reports of people breaking their handguard by mounting and using a bipod. Don't know if those were one off occurrences and/or user error. But, what is the handguard supposed to be capable of? Ought we be able to mount a bipod off it without fear of damage? How about a sling mount and throwing the weight of a loaded rifle + optics around?

a.   I am not aware of this happening, I will have to review our warranty history.  I have personally shot the MDRís with my harris bipod and grip pods etc many many times and I have never had an issue with the handguard like this.  

Thatís good to hear. Thinking on this topic a bit further, was drop testing performed with various items attached to the handguard?

11.   Chamber Fluting; Have y'all considered and/or tested chamber fluting to reduce the force necessary for extraction? Perhaps opening up the range of cases that will function in the rifle. Granted reloaders would likely not be too happy, but I can't imagine they'd prefer stuck cases and/or ripped/damaged rims.

a.   Having fired many many HK rifles I would prefer not to do any chamber fluting at this time.  I have ordered my engineers to do an additional review into instances where customers got stuck cases.

k, sounds like this Q&A has made a lot of work for your engineers Tongue

12.   MDR Life Cycle; Has your internal testing determined a life cycle for the MDR's various components?
IE when the rifle is working as intended, when will parts start needing to be replaced.
If so, could you share any of this knowledge with us so we know what to expect out of our guns.

a.   Yes, we determined this in the 10,000+ round endurance testing.  In testing we needed to replace the following parts only 1 time: Chute Clip Spring, Mag Toggle Spring, Counter Link, Stationary Pin, Firing Pin Retainer, and the Extractor.

This might get answered when you release the videos but, has anything changed since the testing was performed? Changes in spec(materials, etc), that could alter this result? How many rifles were tested? Were these .308 guns?

16.   Was this a particular lot of barrels that were all affected? Or random ones throughout production?
If its the former, are the owners being contacted to advise them of the issue? If the latter, is warranty service looking for this whenever rifles are coming back in?

a.   This was very random through batches and is a very small percentage of barrels.  Yes, we do inspect for this on rifles that come back under warranty.

Iím glad yíall had the foresight to start inspecting for this issue.

24.     Again, long ago, there were claims of 'the group buy will be taken care of.'  This, somewhat disappointedly, amounted to 'a t-shirt.'  While I have had my MDR since December, still no t-shirt.  Did someone mis-speak on this?

a.   If you did not receive your T-shirt please contact Carson Jenkins (our sales manager) and he will get you taken care of.  801-975-7272.

Good to know, I assumed the BPF GB was just getting shafted. I have left a message for him.

25.   Re: Re: Re: Drop Safe?; Finally got my rifle back today and was looking at the lower. It would seem that the safety only secures the trigger/trigger bar and not the trigger group. IE the parts in the trigger pack are capable for movement independent from the trigger bar. Was a force level determined where the rifle would no longer be drop safe?

a.   As mentioned above the MDR passed Military drop testing with flying colors, we will be posting videos in the next two weeks.

Thanks! Again, look forward to the videos.

26.   Spares?; I know we're likely quite a ways out due to your backlog of orders... However, any timeframe when we might be able to start acquiring spare parts? I'd very much like to pick up a chute, ejection mechanism panel, and BCG & recoil mechanism to experiment with to see if I can improve performance/reliability. I have some ideas I'd like to test... but not badly enough to break my only set. Also a spare .308 barrel would be nice.

a.   Some parts are have a constrained production capacity which is improving every month.  The ejection panels are one of those constrained parts.  We hope to get replacement parts listed up on the website in the next 60-90 days.  If you have a absolute need for parts before that contact Carson Jenkins and we will try to accommodate you.


 on: Today at 09:49:49 AM 
Started by mityno1 - Last post by thehun
Yeah that introduces a whole other aspect into the mix...new vendors...new QA/QC, stress testing etc etc....which as stated...would cause more delays... Cry Cry Cry .... I know when my last company changed vendors....we had to go through testing like it was a new product design...which meant months of testing...and months of delays on releasing the product...we actually held further shipments until the new vendor's capabilities were fully tested and verified...did that make our dealers happy...nope...but we didn't release a rushed product either, thus reducing our warranty claims. Then there was one product that just wouldn't hold up efficiently in the field and pulled the product all together...over 3 years of trying to perfect it...but engineering just couldn't overcome a major obstacle...it happens.

We also had to do continued spot checks to verify if the product was consistent or not...oh the gloriousness of six sigma and lean operations.

 on: Today at 09:21:20 AM 
Started by mityno1 - Last post by EWTHeckman
Sounds like DT is still having continued vendor issues...STILL...an example was used that DT ordered 1000 parts and only receive 150...if that happens (and seems to happen) it will throw your supply chain into a mess...sounds to me that DT needs to switch vendors from the Asian market to domestic...

He did mention that they have already switched vendors to replace the underperformer(s), but that switching vendors does introduce its own delay as the new vendor gets up to speed.

 on: Today at 09:10:27 AM 
Started by mityno1 - Last post by thehun
Yeah the part about having increased warranty claims was not answered...so there is your more than likely scenario....another scenario honestly can be that DT has multiple warranty claims on the barrels that we do not know about and they are making proper adjustments to make sure it doesnt happen again...problem is...with warranty situations...we won't ever really know...having it out in public domain that a company has increased warranty claims is never a good thing in today's modern manufacturing.

 on: Today at 09:05:34 AM 
Started by mityno1 - Last post by Articlion
HKs are dirty running guns but they never seem to quit.

Regarding my questions that were answered:

Question 28: this was regarding fulfillment of preorders. Only 40% have been fulfilled so far...yikes...that sucks...Nick stated since first shipments in Jan/Feb...didn't first shipment start in September (my memory and a quick google search says yes it did). I can see how people would want to cancel their preorders if they haven't received their MDR yet and potentially jump ship with the T7 knocking on the door steps soon. If supply chain doesnt improve from Asia, some preorder customers might not see their MDR for another year Sad

Question 29: this was regarding products coming in from Asia. Sounds like DT is still having continued vendor issues...STILL...an example was used that DT ordered 1000 parts and only receive 150...if that happens (and seems to happen) it will throw your supply chain into a mess...sounds to me that DT needs to switch vendors from the Asian market to domestic...we know DT uses an award winning MIM parts maker for some of its MIM parts in Asia (the others are still unknown)...so why are they still failing DT...is it A) they are incompetent or B) they aren't getting paid for said requested parts and only shipping bits and pieces? Doesn't seem to be a importation issue into the USA. If I was the operations manager...I would find an alternative soon...

Question 30: this was regarding 223 MDR. If there are 60% more preorders to fill and the same vendor is failing to deliver parts as promised...I do not feel very confident that the 223 can keep up with demand either. How could it...if the same Asian vendors are used for its majority of key components.

Question 31: this was regarding that DT was holding MDR rifles for service due to no parts on hand. This was claimed to be false by Nick...so those users that have claimed this (I cant remember their tag name)...can you clarify your claim on this issue?

Been waiting over a month for a warranty barrel 100% serious. so ther is ether no warranty parts available or dt has a lot of warranty repairs and this is a back log big enough that that canít find the two minutes it takes to put a barrel in 100% speculation

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