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Title: Kintrek KBP-1 magazine re-design
Post by: Mauser98 on May 20, 2020, 10:15:58 PM
Hi all,

I'm new here and mostly interested in finding more info on the Kintrek KBP-1 magazines. I just purchased one with no mags for a song and a dance (it was a bit smokey, involved in a house fire...no damage  ;D). Great little rifle, just want to shoot it as intended. I'm well aware mags and parts are non-existent, but I'd like to change that.

My hope is to find someone here that is either willing to sell or loan a bad magazine (one that the spring nub/pin broke off of). I want to reverse-engineer the entire mag body and utilize 3D printing to make a new one. I'm thinking the spring can actually be reused, if the attachment method is changed a bit. I've never seen one in person, so it's a bit challenging to decipher geometry/dimensions. In return to all the Kintrek owners here, I would of course post the 3D models for your own printing pleasure. If someone were kind enough to loan one to me, I would certainly be willing to print them a few courtesy mags, IF I can get a working design. I would also like to reverse-engineer the clock spring/follower and make those, in addition to redesigning for a conventional coiled spring with follower and baseplate. I also hear the front and rear sight towers are commonly broken and destroy the value of the rifle. Might be able to 3D print these if there's enough need.

I do reverse-engineering of aviation components at my day job, so I am fairly confident I can make this a reality. Is there anyone out there that might be interested in bringing these mags back to life? I know this is kind of a long-shot, but I figure this forum is my best bet.


Title: Re: Kintrek KBP-1 magazine re-design
Post by: Plinker on May 21, 2020, 08:05:29 PM
I'm no help on your quest, but welcome to the forum!