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April 21, 2015, 07:42:40 AM
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News: 2015 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits just concluded...                                              ... here's some Bullpup reports from the show floor ...                               IWI will introduce the X-95 to the US civilian market (dates to be determined)...                               Kel-Tec is introducing the RDB this year, and a new butt-end for the KSG in the next few weeks...                                    Bullpup Unlimited hints at an AK Bullpup conversion kit for later this year...                              The ZK-22 is displayed and branded under the new AKLYS name...                              The Steyr AUG and the FN PS90 continue to be very popular "work-horses" in the growing field of Bullpups...                              Check in the forum areas for more from the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings!               

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Welcome to BullpupForum.com!

This site is a comprehensive discussion of Bullpup Rifles and Bullpup Shotguns.  Follow the linked forum logo below.
Shooting sports are inherently dangerous.  Any discussion, advice, and/or experiences should not be taken as expertise.  Always follow manufacturers recommendations, all laws and rules for your location, and above all apply common sense, siding with safety first.

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Bullpup History:  SA80-L85A2

Experimental Bullpup rifles were developed in the 1940’s in England from the Royal Small Arms Factory.  The EM1 and EM2 were chambered in .280, which led to their downfall, as NATO standardization preferred 7.62x51mm.

But in the late-sixties work began on another Bullpup design, and by the mid-seventies prototypes started trials.  And this time, when NATO standardized the 5.56x45mm cartridge, the prototypes were rechambered to match.

The SA80 was accepted into service by the British Army in 1985.

The new rifle had issues and were being reported as unreliable and fragile.  Reports and studies were done, and in 2000, Heckler & Koch was contracted to upgrade the SA80’s.  Two hundred thousand were re-manufactured, producing the A2  (redesigned cocking handle, modified bolt, extractor, and a redesigned hammer assembly), distinguished by the “HK A2” marking on the top of the rifle, just forward of the butt plate.

Just a few years ago, Daniel Defense added an accessories rail, and Magpul’s polymer EMAG was contracted.


This site is a comprehensive forum about Bullpup rifles and shotguns. From the iconic and universally recognized Steyr AUG, to the precision bolt action sniper bullpups, to the 12 gauge bullpup scatterguns, all the way to the rim-fire bullpups, BullpupForum.com is the site dedicated to those who love Bullpups!

Suggestions and input are welcomed! Feel free to contact me at : Sgt_P@BullpupForum.com

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This is a public forum, so please take any discussion as information, but that does not infer that the information is accurate, safe, or complete, and should never be relied upon as expertise!

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